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The Consorzio Bacino SA/1 is one of four consortia in the Campania Region, established by Regional Law n. 10 of the 10th of February 1993.
It consists of 20 municipalities, with a catchment area of 401,000 inhabitants. It has its registered office in Cava dè Tirreni and an operations headquarters in Mercato S. Severino.
Granted its legal jurisdiction - setting it apart from its component councils - the Consorzio has both entrepreneurial and managerial autonomy.
The primary tasks of the Consorzio Bacino Salerno SA/1 are to manage the systems used for waste disposal, in compliance with the Regional Waste Plan, as well as to strengthen and promote the separate collection of rubbish.

Administrative Body

The Special Commissioner

Mr. Raffaele Fiorillo, already Mayor of the city of Cava dè Tirreni for two terms, is the Special Commissioner of the Consorzio Bacino SA/1. He was appointed by Campania Region President Mr. Losco and confirmed by his successor, The Honorable Antonio Bassolino.

The General Manager

The General Manager of the Consorzio Bacino SA/1 is Mr. Stefano Cicalese, who began his professional career as Executive of the Internal Revenue Office for the city of Cava dè Tirreni, and was appointed by the Special Commissioner Mr. Raffaele Fiorillo.

Organization chart of Consorzio SA/1:


Consorzio Bacino SA/1 Via Marconi, 55 (Parco Beethoven) - 84013 Cava de' Tirreni (Sa) Tel. 089/4688868 - Fax 089/342069 - E-mail: